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I know you are out there, reading this content and agreeing or disagreeing. Let me hear from you! This blog should be a conglomeration of our experiences on the road, good and bad.

Monday, April 30, 2012

TSA Security Line

I know what your thinking, with a title like TSA Security Line I must be about to write a scandalise post ranting about some TSA jerk who violated my privacy, felt up my junk and then made me blush like a school girl.  Maybe later, but today I wanted to highlight a quick interaction I had with a fellow passenger while waiting in line to go through the metal detector.  Enjoy....

So here I am next in line to take my solo walk through the dreaded arches known as the "Metal Detector".  I am patiently waiting as the TSA agent on the freedom side of the arches has placed his hand up indicating I am to wait for further instructions.  So as I am waiting I can't help but notice a man who has come up to my side and slid directly in front of me.  Please understand, I am not standing a football field away from the the golden arches I am directly in front of them and he has now wedged himself in a space I did not know could fit a full size man.  Then he looks at me and says:

Guy: "What's the hold up"

Me: "Are you just going to jump right in front of me?"

Guy: "What do you think is taking so long?"

Me:  "I don't know, but I have been waiting here prior to your arrival.  Did you notice you simply jumped in front?"

Guy:  "Oh hey, here we go." "They are waiving me through."

Me:  Astonished at how oblivious, clueless and completely unaware this guy was.

So there you have it.  I have no other choice here but to enact a rule based on this event.

Rule #16: It's not all about you - Stop acting like Tom Hanks in Cast Away.  You are not alone on a desert Island by yourself, you are traveling with hundreds of other people and need to act accordingly.  Keep your head up and acknowledge those around you and if you simply cannot seem to follow the rules, refer to Rule#4.

Travel Safe and I will see you at the airport.